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3D Visual Merchandising in retail store

Image by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum

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We produce unique visual accents that will help you create an emotional image of the product, make it stand out, will help divert the attention of the buyer to your product.

In our current, consumer-oriented culture, people do not shop merely to obtain items they need, but also to satisfy their wants. Frequently, shopping does not even involve making a purchase. For consumers, window-shopping has become a popular pastime.

Visual merchandisers create “miniature worlds” for merchandise in an effort to attract the attention of consumers, draw them into the store and keep them coming back in the future. Despite the advanced techniques seen in visual displays,

visual merchandising is not a new concept or art. As early as the 18th century, merchandise was staged in interesting and unique arrangements to attract consumers.

Using our own CNC milling and laser machines 3d Sign Factory can manufacture exact ppolystyrene modelreplicas of anything. For example, polystyrene shapes, scaled up or down versions of products for special promotions, 3D company logos, 3D Huge Lettering, for sales promotions and advertising campaigns.

3d Sign Factory really does create the complete sculptural service. We have the facilities and experience to undertake projects of all sizes and all descriptions. The scale and diversity is endless

Логотип 500x500  пикс (21).gif


Sales area decoration

Creating an image of emotional connection is just merchandising and design when the design is a trading hall, showcases and counters creates a special mood, emotional images for better perception of products. Very important is quality of furniture and trade equipment – they should match the quality and price level of goods represented, since the buyer does not share the perception and the perception of product display cases – for he is a “single visual image.”

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Besides the fact that people tend to allocate in the visual field, “figure”, they still need to switch attention that is to find the next “figures.” In practice this means that you cannot have the same type of product in a long strong ticker without any visual focus, as a buyer who did not plan to purchase this type of product, will just pass by in search of something more catchy and  interesting. Each product group must have a “zest” – a kind of “hook” for the eyes, otherwise the whole group will go unnoticed.

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We will bring your ideas to life

3d Sign Factory works with all materials producing items for TV, Film, Theatre,

Exhibitions, Video, Museums, and all aspects of the promotional and advertising world. We specialise in polystyrene carving, mould making, productions in glass fibre, set building, one-off sculptures, and theming. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and liaising with the client throughout.We see the work through to completion from concept to drawing, pattern making, prototypes, production EPS in plastic, artwork, transportation and installation on site when required.

The manufacturing process of huge eps foam  letters


What is a brand of the retail sector, how it differs from the brand, for example, of manufacturing company?

The most obvious difference is that design for retail – a three-dimensional, spatial, and we have to build relationships with customers in this direction. Therefore, in case of retail we are talking about 3D-branding.

To put it simply, visual merchandising answers the question: how to provide good “face” of the product – how to place it on display so the buyer could easily find a suitable product and the process was as pleasant as possible for him?

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