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Custom Sandblasted Signs


Give us a call at 1-904-345-5400
or apply using online


Through our two decades of experience, 3d Sign Factory, the sign company with more than 20 years experience, has fused new technologies with old materials and developed techniques to create some of the most stunning work in the sign industry.

Our custom sandblasted signs are wholesale as we rely on you to provide your design and sales while we do the manufacturing.

By providing a custom area within our website, retail sign companies can expand their product line by using our shop as their manufacturing facility.

When it comes to the art of sandblasted sign making, we’ve got it covered! We can provide virtually any product imaginable that is being used to direct traffic, ensure safety, or brand your business.

Whether you are looking to by sandblasted signage for office, sandblasted signs for a residence, entrance sandblasted signs, development directional signs, business park tenant signs, lobby or reception displays, custom signs for a business, church reader boards or golf course signage, marketing sign we can provide a solution that will exceed your expectations. It is our focus to produce ‘made to order’ signs that DEMAND

 ATTENTION, and define a sense of taste that will make a lasting impression.

Choose the texture that fits you best

Our sandblasted signage and sign accents are manufactured using a wide variety of materials such as wood, sign foam, HDU, PVC, glass, stone, tile, marble, brushed and mill finish metals, vinyl, MDO and MDF. Our services utilize the best suited material combinations for each project. This allows us to provide signage solutions that fit your budget and needs.


We are happy to offer decorative 3 Dimensional objects and accents for monument signs.

From now on you can beautify your signs with a various selection of decorative elements. Such elements work perfectly for commercial signage and residential community signs. Good examples are legal services office signs, building number plaques, traffic management signs, community entry signs, church signs etc.

Choose from the catalog:

The approximate price per 1″ (25 mm) of thickness sandblasted signs

The final price is shown after the approval of all order details

Our wholesale signs are priced primarily by size, NOT complexity. We offer any sign shape you like, unlimited text and unlimited graphics! We offer quantity discounts for larger orders.


To discuss your order and provide you with a sandblasted signs quote, you need e-mail us at, call us at 904-345-5400 or submit your artwork online.


How to submit your artwok

We work with a broad array of artwork formats, including everything from hand-drawn sketches to vectorized files that you email to us. The most efficient (and therefore most cost-effective) format is vectorized artwork, in an .eps or .ai format. Please ensure that all text is converted to outlines. If you are not able to convert text to outlines, check with us to see whether you’re using one of the hundreds of fonts we have on file. If vector art is not available, we can nearly always scan and digitize your logo for a minimal charge. If you don’t have an artwork, our designers will be happy to help you with a custom layout for your project.

Find out more about 3d sign factory custom signs

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HDU unfinished is warranted for 10 years, indoor or out, against deterioration, warping, and cracking. It is 100% waterproof, unaffected by temperature and will not rot or decompose. High Density Urethane material is preferable on most projects, and is a must on outdoor sign projects.

Логотип 500x500  пикс (2).gif


HDU will not warp, crack, or bow like solid wood when exposed to the elements. It is slightly lighter that wood, which might be a consideration for a suspended sign, and saves in shipping. HDU 3d Sign Factory can be seamlessly laminated together to create any size shape or form.

Логотип 500x500  пикс (7).gif


HDU is slightly flexible, which might cause problems on long, narrow signs. If a dimensional sign is going between posts, or in a situation where it might take abuse from wind or pedestrians, consider having us laminate a backing board for reinforcement.

HDU 3d Sign Factory can be sandblasted with several different patterns. The most common two are wood grain and sandstone. At 3d Sign Factory, we do our best to make the process of designing and building your custom sandblasted signs and logo as easy, convenient, and enjoyable as possible.


The sandblasted signs build process begins with your quote request. We’ll respond by asking you a number of questions to help us understand what type of custom sandblasted signs will meet your needs and budget. Once we have a clear idea of your needs, we’ll email you a written estimate describing the signs we will build for you and giving you the exact price for the signage project. All you need to do at this stage is sign and return the estimate and make a deposit (by mailing a check or card by phone). After this step is done, we can begin designing and building sandblasted signs for you.

Whether you provide us finished artwork or we design the sandblasted signs for you, we always make sure that you review and approve the sign layouts before we begin construction. Once your signs have been manufactured, we schedule a delivery or you can pick them up at our office. Custom Sandblasted sign and logo are one of the best solution for business and residential use.

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